Java Joy | Java Joy @ BankSouth
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12 Dec Java Joy @ BankSouth

“Thank you Java Joy!  Wow, the Oconee Chamber of Commerce Christmas Coffee featured the launch of ESP’s  “Java Joy”. This corporate coffee program was a huge hit!   I loved the coffee but loved the service even more.  We entertained over 100 people with ESP participants Nick, Hannah and Megan doing a fantastic job of serving coffee to everyone.  BankSouth was honored to kick off the Java Joy program today and you can request the Java Joy cart for your event if you want to perk things up!    BTW ….love the Java Joy logo and tee shirts too …Great job guys!”

  • Bob Slocum // Community and ESP Board Member

“Joy is one of my most favorite words.  Joy to me means pure happiness as a result of something great or special. “Java Joy” is a new venture which is created ESPecially for all of us in the community to enjoy!  At ESP, there is a lot of joy so they are going to share their joy with others by serving coffee and sweet treats.  Please consider inviting Java Joy to your business or special event for them to share their mission.  Believe me, you will receive much more than something to drink and eat.”

  • Lorie Peterson // Community Business Leader

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