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04 Jan Java Joy @ Eaton Corp

Eaton Corp in Athens got the pleasure of to host the new Java Joy cart and its great and cheerful staff from ESP today!!!!

The fun started at 6:30 am to be able to spread the ESP word and great coffee from the special ESP blend from Jittery Joes and fresh baked goodies.

Having the cart show up early enabled the C shift staff (just getting off work) and the A shift staff (just starting their day) to experience this great new business.

The event was very easy to set up and fit right into our culture.  It was a joy to watch the Eaton employees start and end their work days on a high note with a fresh cup of Java and a super warm smile and holiday well-wishing from the ESP participants.

I know that everyone one of the Eaton employees not only came away from the experience with a smile on their face, but also a greater understanding of how ESP is able to enrich and foster so many wonderful and special children’s lives.

Based on this event, I know that our partnership with ESP and the community just got stronger and our employees are still smiling!!!

Who would have thought that a simple cup of coffee and a warm smile could do so much 🙂

Thanks Java Joy!!!!

  • Doug Brouillard // Community & ESP Board Member
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