Java Joy | Mallory Humphries // Content Marketing Intern
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31 Jan Mallory Humphries // Content Marketing Intern

For me personally, Java Joy is a dream come true. Anyone who knows me knows there are two things I absolutely love in this world: coffee and ESP. It is a rare moment when you will find me without a coffee in my hand. It is my go-to drink and a small thing that brings me a lot of joy. Combine that with my sweet friends at ESP and it is a joy overload. Almost two years ago, I walked into ESP’s old building on my first day as a summer staffer. I had never volunteered and had only recently heard of ESP and what they did. Little did I know, that day was going to change the course of my life. My heart has always been to serve, but until I came to ESP, I had no idea in what capacity I wanted to be a servant to others. I came into ESP thinking that I would be teaching these kids and adults, but boy was I wrong. They have taught me more in these past two years then I could have ever imagined. I have learned about love and joy. I have learned about perseverance and faith. I have learned that grace has no limits and friendship knows no bounds. The participants of ESP are the most deserving, most loving, most joyful people I know and it has been an honor to work at ESP for the past two years. 

However, something that I started to notice more and more during my time here was the lack of activities for adults who have aged out of the school system. Although some have part-time jobs, many rely on the programs at ESP to have an activity to do during the day. In creating Java Joy, we are not only providing these individuals with meaningful employment, but we are also providing them with social interaction, life skills, and fun. Serving others and engaging in the community is something they love to do and do it so well. A smile from them can brighten my darkest days and I CANNOT wait to see the unreal amount of joy they are going to spread, one coffee cup at a time.

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