Java Joy | Jake Sapp // Coordinator of Programs
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18 Feb Jake Sapp // Coordinator of Programs

Java Joy was all a pipe dream that came from the minds of a lot of creative folks, as a program coordinator at ESP I never imagined I would be the lead on getting it off the ground. In August I was charged with the task of  wrangling some good ideas and making it a great business and there hasn’t been a day since that I haven’t felt excited, encouraged, fearful, nauseous and most of all joyful about it all since. 

Entrepreneurship has always been an underdeveloped passion of mine. While I have had a couple misses (t-shirt company and koozie company), I have never truly gotten to explore it. Java Joy has allowed me to pursue my passion for entrepreneurship while also allowing me to engage with a population that has shaped me more as a person than anything else in my life, but Java Joy isn’t about me. 

Java Joy is about giving adults with disabilities an opportunity to fulfill a passion every adult has, meaningful work. A chance to get up, look sharp for work, make a product, and exceed a customer’s expectation. Every person deserves a purpose, and at Java Joy the purpose is Joy.

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