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San Francisco launched in December 2019. All it took was one hug for champion, Andrew Almeida. Visiting a conference in Atlanta, GA where Java Joy was serving, he received a hug from a Joyrista and was transformed. He was then inspired to bring Java Joy to his city of San Francisco. From there, Java Joy San Francisco was able to hire 15 new Joyristas. San Francisco is not currently booking events while many workers remain remote, but stay tuned, we’ll be back as soon as possible! When we return, we’ll be serving joy to organizations throughout the Bay area.

San Francisco started the spread!

In December of 2019, we took Java Joy across the country to our second hub. It all began when Java Joy served a conference in Atlanta. Andrew Almeida was there and got to experience Java Joy for the first time. He said that receiving a hug from a Joyrista was something he didn’t even know he needed, but he had to bring that joy to his city of San Francisco. Andrew became our first Champion and helped us launch in this new city. During our first launch, Joyristas from Athens got some amazing new experiences: taking their first business trip, acting as an example to new team members, and taking part in the first ever White Apron Ceremony. They served companies like Ernst & Young, Deloitte, and AirBnB. San Francisco allowed us to hire our first Joyristas in California and see the vision for employing people of all abilities across the country come to life.

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