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Java Joy began in Athens with parent non-profit ESP. After years of seeing the joy that was brewed with a summer coffee counter run by ESP participants during camp, ESP had the idea to make it mobile. We launched a Kickstarter campaign in December 2016, and were fully-funded within a month. Five years later, Java Joy Athens serves throughout the surrounding counties in its Bulldog Kia Joyrides! Athens employ 18 Joyristas and give them access to all of ESP’s wrap-around programs at our facility in Watkinsville.

Head Quarters!

Java Joy was born in Athens, GA; we’re the original! In 2013, ESP launched the Bouncin’ Bean coffee counter to provide vocational training to adults with disabilities. For years, Bouncin’ Bean was a staple in the ESP community, bringing unmatched joy to everyone who visited the counter for a cup of coffee. ESP began dreaming of how to take these individuals one-of-a-kind joy out to the community, beyond ESP’s four walls. After our successful Kickstarter, Java Joy began serving in our wonderful community that greeted us with open arms! Our founding Joyristas were Colin, Megan, Nicky, Hannah, and Suzanne; take a look for their photos below because they helped us get it all started! Now, as HQ, Java Joy Athens is supporting our hubs across the country. Our Athens Joyristas attend launch events in new cities, pack and send each piece of merchandise, and film many of our Joygrams.

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