Who We Are

About Us

An affiliate program of the non-profit ESP (Extra Special People, Inc.), Java Joy was created in 2016 as a way to provide meaningful employment for adults with disabilities while giving the community one-of-a-kind opportunities for engagement. Java Joy exists to create experiences of unmatched joy through moments of engagement with people of all abilities.

A Program of ESP

Joyrista = Joy + Barista

Joyristas are the heart and soul of Java Joy. They serve our coffee, give hugs, and spread the joy. Java Joy wouldn’t exist without them! A Joyrista® is an individual of all abilities who is both being served by Java Joy’s mission and transforming others with their unique perspective. Once you’ve met one, you’ll understand why Java Joy is such an unmatched experience of joy.

Brewing Up Joy

where it all began
introducing bouncin' bean
kickstarting the joy
realizing a dream
going cross country
new locations
Present Day

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