Joy With a Purpose Works.

Have you wanted to start the conversation about diversity and inclusion in your organization but have not known where to start? JoyWorks is the answer. Through a unique partnership with Java Joy, your organization will put its commitment to diversity in action through a unique training program that includes multiple ways to share your commitment.


Course Curriculum

Virtually or in-person, our Joyristas will lead you through four trainings covering the following: 

Transformative Joy that Inspires your Company + Staff

Diversity and Inclusion with Disabilities Awareness

Opportunity to Engage with People of All Abilities

Learning to Create a Culture of Celebration

Other Benefits with JoyWorks

Show Off Your Partnership

When you become a Joyrista partner, your company will receive custom Joyworks shirts with your company logo to show everyone that Joy works for you!

Let Your Community Know

Throughout our partnership, we will provide you with social media engagement kits to promote the impact JoyWorks has had on your company!

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